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HappilyGrim is a blog run by husband and wife team Jim and Grace as they explore living geekily ever after. They post about the various and sundry things they think are blog-worthy. The name comes from the fact that 'grim' is a better portmanteau than 'jace', and Grace thought the paradox of adding 'happily' in front was both hilarious and intriguing.

Both Grace and Jim are huge nerds, but generally about different things. See the Venn Diagram below for their intersecting geek interests (variable to change at any time).

Feel free to contact them any time with thoughts or inquiries (please note that questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything will be answered with '42').

Thanks for reading, and may you live nerdily and prosper!

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  1. Do you make costumes to order if so my email is yogimutter@hotmail.com. Thanks Ian


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