Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goals for 2015

After making a review of the things I crafted in 2014, I started thing about what I wanted to make for this next year. There are some goals that I'd like to get done in 2015 specifically, and some to just start making progress toward.


Cinderella (2015):

This is one I'm currently working on, in hopes of attending the movie in costume. Deadline of March 13!
Progress so far:

14 enchanting stills from the set of ‘Cinderella.’ We may or may not be swooning. (We are.) | Dearest Geeks of Earth Simplicity 1728 - Mirror Mirror dress, but could be used for Cinderella dress. Remove sleeves, and add organza overlay.


One of the main reasons I bought my embroidery machine, I really want to make an accurate version of Rapunzel's dress and learn some new techniques like corset construction, how to digitize files for embroidery, and how to make puff sleeves!
Progress so far:

 Simplicity 2757 for bodice


Captain Malcolm Reynolds:

I'm mainly aiming to make his famous brown coat, and can figure out the rest of the ensemble later.
Progress so far:

Mal costume link roundup 2581 Simplicity Pattern for Mal's Browncoat

Personal Projects:

Avatar the Last Airbender Blanket:

Using the pattern from Kimby77, this is my new TV crochet project! Let's hope it takes less time than my Tardis one.

Zergling Plushie:

Zergling pattern

A gift for Jim, I'll be using a combination of the tutorials posted by Kimothy and Pizoobie, and making half a dozen out of purple plush, so Jim can throw them at people while shouting "Six-pool Rush!" (Apparently it's very funny if you know StarCraft II).

Goals for this year:

  • Blog more (Maybe break up the tutorials into different parts? Jim says I tend toward mega-posts)
  • Start etsy shop? (LivingByGrace? LivingGracefully? CraftingGracefully? The puns are never-ending!)
  • Make Disney dresses for myself!
  • Make Disney Prince/Villians Costume Tutorial post. (Resources are very few and far between. If you know some, link them in the comments!)

Do you have any suggestions, or late new year's resolutions about crafting? Let me know!

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