Friday, January 16, 2015

Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish Costume

I present to you, Lord Petyr Baelish!

(My friend would like to note that he only wore the Hand of the King pin in the picture for party reasons, and he has now acquired the mockingbird pin and so will be a much more accurate version of Littlefinger for any future photos)

For Halloween, one of my friends commissioned me to make him a Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish costume for a Game of Thrones party we were going to. After doing some research, I settled on a long tunic with an overcoat he wears in season one.

While at a fabric warehouse sale, I stumbled upon the perfect material for both the tunic and the overcoat. So for $1 a yard, I snatched up 5ish yards of the lighter leaf-embroidered fabric, and 1ish yard of the heavy woven fabric, for an unbelievable total of $6!

For the tunic, I used the out of print Simplicity 5386 Matrix coat pattern, which I ordered off of Amazon. Butterick Men’s Robe pattern (B6844), which is in stock, would also work.

The pattern came together pretty easily (besides the sleeves. Sleeves are made of evil), and before long, I had a nearly finished tunic on my dress form! My cat also decided that the tunic was her new hiding place, and she was going to live there now.

Look Mommy, I found a tent! Now close the door!

Once assembled, I tried to figure out the best way to join the front pieces together seamlessly. I didn't want to use a zipper, couldn't find a way to make magnets work, and was temporarily stumped until I remembered a handy contraption I had seen online.

Hook and eye tape!

None of the fabric stores around me had hook and eye tape in stock, but I was able to find and order it from Amazon (link here). This worked perfectly, although it took a lot of tiny adjustments to make the two sides meet up, and may take a few minutes to hook together, it achieved the look I was going for.

I ended up sewing the hook side flush against the edge of one side, with the outside of the eyes against the edge of the other side of the fabric. The tape goes from the throat to halfway down the rest of the tunic.

Once the tunic was finished, I moved on to creating the overcoat. I cut the whole section of fabric in half lengthwise, so I had two long, skinny pieces to work with. I sewed the back half together, stopping right at the nape of the neck.

In the actual costume, Petyr has three folds in his overcoat, then gold trim down each of the folds. Since the coat changes size as it comes off the shoulder, this meant I got to do some hand draping to make sure the sections stayed proportional all the way down.

Starting the draping/folding process.

So. Many. Pins.

The middle section is folded in order to make the lower portion hang straight, with more fabric tucked up on the outside edge until it's no longer crooked. Once both sides were folded and straightened, I added one hook and eye to the center of the overcoat so it would stay together.

I didn't have time to add gold trim to the edges, but I might do it in the future if he wears it again. For the belt, I found some brown leather string and attached it to a silver clasp. Put it all together, and it looks amazing!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and happy crafting!


  1. I don't suppose you would consider taking a commission to make another one, would you? If so, my name is Kris, please contact me at Thanks, and awesome work.

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  3. I shall be interested in purchasing one too,

    1. Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, we don't do commissioned stuff at this point.


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