Monday, March 24, 2014

Costume Progress

Alright, there's now a tiny light of hope that I might actually finish things before Anomaly Con.


So, to update:
Tink's Skirt: 100%! Yay!

Jim's Jacket: 80% done - just need to add the coattail and buttons. So close!

Tink's wings: 60% done - wings designed, crafted, and painted. All that's left is to add the cellophane and melt it.

Flight pack: 20% done - holes for harness drilled, box painted. Need to make and attach gauges, labels, and create tube of pixie dust. Need to glue Storm-O-Meter on top and add harness as well.

Still need to do:

Goggles - hopefully will be done quickly. Need to add strap, green lenses, and brass wings.

Belt - Slightly bigger project. Need to cut out leather leaf shapes and attach pockets/items to it.

But we are getting closer! Pictures and tutorials to follow soon!

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