Monday, September 24, 2012

My "I Made Things From Pinterest!" Post

So, since joining Pinterest, an online collection of boards like 'Yummy', 'Sew What?' and 'For the Home', where you 'pin' links to blogs (like this one!) or websites onto the boards so you can find them later. Problem is, it's tempting to just pin and repin from other people and never try any of the 127 pins I've put on my 'Crafty' board. So! Here are my two completed Pintrest pins, one being much more complicated than the other.

Project 1: Kindle Cover from a Book

So, I found this project from a blog called "Come Together Kids", where she takes out the pages of a hardcover and uses quilted fabric to make one side a pocket to put the kindle in, and some elastic on the other side to hold it while you read.

I struggled a bit with this one, but mine was probably harder because I didn't use quilted fabric, which comes with padding and different fabrics on each side, and she found matching elastic somewhere. 

First - Supplies!
Hardcover Book
1/3 yard Fabric for inside
1/4 yard Fabric for pocket (if you want a contrast)
Lining/ quilted padding that I picked up in the remnant bin
Most important - Hot glue gun
(Man, I love hot glue guns now)
Ways to cut fabric and cut out the pages

After seeing this project, I kept my eyes out for cool-looking books to use. I kept thinking, "Man, that looks neat, but I can't cut that up! I love books! I can't sacrifice a book for a Kindle holder!"

Then I saw this book in a thrift store:

Ah, yes. "The Quest for Global Dominance"

"Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage"

With chapters entitled "Lessons from Wal-Mart's Globalization"

I saw it and thought, "Yeah, I could cut that up."

So I did!

I used my rotary blade to cut out the pages (It doesn't need to be neat or pretty, since it'll be covered up later).

I measured some fabric to see how much I need.

Sewed the fabric onto the lining, so the kindle doesn't get banged around.

I found this fabric and thought, "Ha, look at the silly over-romantic couple canoodling on the bridge. I like laughing at them. It's going to be my pocket."

I figured out how high and wide I wanted my pocket to be for the kindle.

I sewed one edge onto the pocket, and measured to see how big my lining for the pocket should be.

I tried to figure out how to sew the other edges, and couldn't. So I gave up and said, "Well, I'll use a glue gun, but I kinda think it's cheating."

I started using it, and I discovered that I love glue guns!

The pocket now attached, I glued that "page" to the book cover.

Then came the elastic trouble. I looked everywhere for navy blue or even cream elastic, but there was always only white, black, and pink lace elastic (for some reason).

Thinking that my half-finished project was now doomed, I was very sad. Then, I saw a scrap of the pocket fabric and had a "Eureka!" moment. I could use them as the straps to hold the kindle!

I made four straps, figured out approximately how to position them, and hot glued them on!

I also glued the edges of the straps down, so the kindle doesn't slip all the way down.

So now, Jim can look like he's reading about taking over the world, when actually...

He's reading Pride & Prejudice!

And Pippin approves!

My second craft only gets one picture, because it was so easy. My fridge isn't magnetic (annoyingly so), so when I saw this pin I knew I could make it so quickly.

I got a cookie sheet from the thrift store ($4), picked up some very cute clearance fabric ($5), and some mounting tape (pictured below and $3), so for $12, I have an adorable magnetic board to use on my fridge!

As a completely shocking surprise, I ran into Mondo Guerra (from Season 8 of Project Runway, and who won Project Runway All-Stars) in my local fabric store! 


I mean, I was totally cool. It's not like I had seen him on tv that morning, and he was my favorite designer or anything. And I totally didn't try to leave, then work up my courage to go back in and find him and ask for a picture. 

He was very focused, but still super nice.

Anyway, so that's my epic story of creating two pins from Pinterest. =)

Happy pinning and crafting everyone!

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